Joy Comer

Abbe Parker Bastable
Deputy Leader

Debbie Redwood

Keyperson System

At Acorn Pre-School we use a Keyperson system.

Each Keyperson has a special responsibility for a group of children. Your child’s Keyperson will ensure that the needs of your child are recognised within the Pre-School.

She will assist your child to integrate into the Pre-School session.

She will provide for the emotional needs of your child, eg to comfort and reassure the child at any time of distress.

She will develop a day to day rapport with parents, informing parents of their child’s activities and being available to answer queries if necessary.

She will plan a curriculum/play plan for each child, ensuring that account is taken of each child’s race, culture, religion, language and family values by:-

Observing, keeping records and monitoring your child’s progress
Liaising with parents.