Acorn Pre-school is a registered charity, so it has to have an active committee.

The committee is an essential part of the provision, without this the pre-school would have to close, so it is paramount that there is a continuing interest.

All parents/carers are invited to attend committee meetings to help with fundraising ideas, raise any concerns or to make suggestions. The committee meet every term. This is a voluntary position which would only take up an hour or so of your time.

The committee work in partnership with the leader and pre-school staff and are responsible for reviewing policies and procedures, as well as the employment and appraisals of staff, important decision making in terms of the day-to-day running of the setting and planning and carrying out fundraising events.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the committee, or would like further information then please speak either to Kelly Brookbank (Chairperson) or Joy Comer (Leader), who will be pleased to help you.

The committee for 2020-2021 are as follows:

CHAIR: Claire Reed
SECRETARY: Jenny Frankham
TREASURER: Joyce Hughes