About us


Acorn Preschool takes advantage of the large space which the hall provides.

We have a book corner and a home area for imaginative play (incorporating dressing up clothes for role play.)

We have a laptop with fun but educational software. This not only allows the children to gain knowledge of the world around them, but also to develop their skills in turning on and operating some ICT equipment and developing their mouse and keyboard skills. We also have a separate modern kitchen area, with excellent facilities, which enables us to offer children cooking experiences, within a safe and secure environment.

There are activity tables, which are set up every session, to allow the children to enjoy crafts, painting, writing, colouring, play-dough, cutting, gluing, games, puzzles and also construction materials to allow them freedom of choice and encourage their development further through play and exploration. Water and sand are available to the children in purpose made trays. Aprons are provided for all painting activities and water play.

Physical activities are made available everyday, using a range of equipment and play ideas, teaching children to understand why they need to exercise and the effects that it has on their bodies. We have introduced a morning ‘wake and shake’ programme to encourage all children to take part in energetic play to enable them to become aware of the importance of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

Acorn Preschool have introduced a free-flow outside area, which is a valuable resource for outside play and exploration, allowing the children to experience environmental changes and extend their learning. The children also get the opportunity to go on nature walks to allow them to experience the outside world and local community, with supervision from the practitioners.

We also sometimes clear away the activities after snack time, giving us a large equipment-free area. At this time we have a variety of equipment to bring out, including a climbing frame and slide, trampoline, seesaw, tunnels, bats and balls as well as ride on toys such as bicycles etc, to allow the children to experiment with movement and develop their skills of co-ordination, control and manipulation. We support them in understanding the importance of physical activity and to develop a positive sense of well-being.