Welcome to Acorn Preschool, Paulton

Parents/carers are the first educators of their children.

The aim of Acorn Pre-school is to support their essential work by working in partnership with them.

This enables us to meet the needs of all children through the sharing of information with the parent / carers, and keeping them informed and involved in their children’s learning.

Our practitioners understand that every child’s learning journey is based upon their own individual interests, experiences and the opportunities that are on offer. Through observation and supporting and extending the children’s shared interests and fascinations, we are able to extend the children’s learning, enable them to take responsibility for their own learning, encourage sustained shared thinking and develop further possible lines of development.

Through offering a variety of activities in an exciting way, and within a caring atmosphere, we encourage each child to become aware of their own choices. At Acorn Pre-School we promote the children’s development further through play and exploration and recognise the balance between activities planned by the adult and those initiated by the child/children.

We encourage children to express themselves, to create new experiences and to develop their skills in six key areas.
We have been running for more than 30 years and are situated at Paulton Village hall.